Brand Activation

We energize brands through a proprietary creative process that is both strategic and inspiring.  Starting with a complete understanding of your brand and immersion in your brand promise, we bring innovation to everything we create.

Simply, we bring brands to life. Through color, words, pixels, sound, language, touch, motion, taste – we create vivid experiences that make connections, create relationships and trigger positive reactions.

Whether it’s a logo, identity, video, a sales kit or website, it’s all based on your distinction. And because it’s founded on your unique identity, it’s always highly targeted and effective — consistently creating preference for your brand and propelling your organization forward.

Brand Development. We innovate & create it different.

Our mission is to find out the real value of your brand which will become a reason for people to fell in love.

Brand Positioning. Expert Techniques & Skills.

Our professional experience and skills will drive your brand to position continually in the market where consumers are saturated with products, services and messages.

Why Brand Activation

Activation shifts the focus to the core of marketing: stimulating the buying process. There are various reasons why this focus is so important and why advertisers opt for Brand activation instead of the traditional campaigns. Brand activation addresses the key issues in marketing.

What’s Brand Activation?

Have you ever noticed when you go to buy a popular brand’s product, do you ever stop to ask yourself, how did they become so trustworthy and admired?

When a product is first manufactured it is virtually unknown to the general public.

Through the uses of consumer engagement marketing channels, such as memorable ad campaigns, experiential events, viral growth, and consumer participation strategies.

Brand Strategy. Brand Strategical Activation.

Successful brands are built on solid brand strategies. When we talk about brand strategy, we mean an action plan and guidelines for communicating your brand’s distinction so your customers will select you rather than a competitor – and keep selecting you.

Our brand strategies are more than conventional marketing, public relations, internal communications and media plans. We align internal and external perceptions about your brand and create a framework that guides the behavior of your entire organization. Designed to fully address your specific needs, they are as unique as you are — providing groundbreaking, innovative and fresh approaches to communicating your differentiation.

We base your brand strategy on your business goals because brand strategy and business strategy must always be in sync to drive the business forward.

Our brand strategies are your growth strategies.

1. Brand Activation Services

  • Brand Guidelines / Brand Books
  • Brand Launch Programs
  • Brand Image Campaigns
  • Brand Summits / Workshops
  • Interactive Marketing Campaigns
  • CSR / Cause Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Innovation Campaigns
  • Branded Online Communities
  • Marketing Communications Planning

Brand Strategy Services

Clarifying Strategy involves both methodical examination and strategic imagination. It is about analysis, discovery, synthesis, simplicity, and clarity. This combination of rational thinking and creative intelligence characterizes the best strategies, which go where others have not.

Narrowing the focus

If you want to build a brand, you must focus your branding efforts on owning a word in the prospect’s mind. A word that no one else owns. What prestige is to Mercedes, safety is to Volvo. Search is own by Google.

Private Labeling

For many retailers, private labeling has become a powerful marketing strategy to build brand equity and a differentiator that gives consumers more reasons to shop at their store. The perceptual shift has begun from low quality to value-added, accelerated by more upscale and better designed packaging, combined with insights about consumers’ unmet needs.

Brand Packaging & Design

Packages are brands that you trust enough to take into your home. We are continually comforted and cajoled by packaging shapes, graphics, colors, messages, and containers. The shelf is probably the most competitive marketing environment that exists. From new brands to extending or revitalizing existing product lines, considerations of brand equity, cost, time, and competition are often complex.