Content creates Perception

“For a nonmedia company, content is created, not to profit from the content, but to attract and retain customers (to sell more or create more opportunities to sell more). Content supports the business, but it is not the business model (meaning that nonmedia companies are not required to make revenues directly off the content itself).”

Its all about telling a story breaking through
the clutter and win more customer.
Education or Entertain.

Got Question? I know you go to Google.

It’s Simple! All online efforts are useless if content is not outstanding and informative. By delivering content that is vital and relevant to your target market, you will begin to take on an important role in your customer’s lives.

“Content marketing budgets continue to increase. Now, one in three marketing dollars are spent on content creation and distribution.”

B2B Goals. Through Content Marketing.

“For a media company, content is created in order to make money directly from the creation of content through paid content sales (direct purchase of content, like a subscription) or advertising sales (someone sponsors the content that is created, similar to what we see in newspapers and magazines or a Super Bowl commercial).”

“Even though content marketing is not new by any stretch, it’s a fairly young discipline. That means there are a number of marketers and business owners who need to be persuaded into trying content marketing for the first time.”