A Good Logo is a reflection of your values.

A strong logo projects the ideology that guides your brand. It also sets the tone for the rest of your marketing.

Creative Logo. A creative logo lends credibility.

Design. Expert Techniques & Skills.

Company logo or brand logo can create an impressive impact on every business. As it is said that every book is judged by its cover. Same thing goes with businesses and brands. If your cover (logo) says, “I’m so cheap that I got my friend to design my logo for my brand.” Then guess what, that’s how you and your brand will be perceived.. Cheap logo! Is that really how you want to promote your brand?

We are logo design agency in Dubai. We have special expertise in logo designing.

Corporate & Brand Logo Designing

All big and small organizations are intended to gain attention and stand out in the crowd. A great logo design will just do that itself. A strong logo can help set your brand apart. Imagine your logo appearing beside tons of others. You may not have to, since it happens all the time. Lots of companies agree to sponsor a portion of an event. In return they get their dime-sized logo inscribed on the back of each program. The question is would your logo attract attention in the same situation?

Before anyone even knows who you are, your logo can catch their eye and capture their imagination. Only then will they be interested in learning more about your brand.

Benefits of logo

Trademarks were established so manufacturers could assure a mostly illiterate public that they were buying the same quality, consistent product as before. Your brand logo serves the same purpose today.

Target: Nike; McDonald’s; Disney; Coca-Cola; Whenever you read those names, probably one of the first things you think of is their respective logo. However, the longer you think about any of them, other emotions and perceptions begin to surface. That’s because — unlike other marketing tools — nothing is more efficient in summarizing your brand, as your logo.

Once your logo is established, even a small segment can speak volumes about your brand. Just guess which brands are represented by these partial logos.

A good logo is a workhorse

While ad campaigns come and go, your logo remains. While other aspects of your brand — essence, personality, positioning, values — may change, your logo endures.

For example, the Coca-Cola logo has remained virtually unaltered for almost 130 years. The current striped IBM logo was designed in 1972, replacing a solid version from 1956. And the CBS “eye” first appeared in 1951.
Nothing else in your marketing toolbox has that kind of staying power. Therefore, nothing can replace a well-designed logo.

Step 1. Just give your brief.

We collect a brief about your company, products, services, business activity, clients and Target Industry. Then we start creative content writing with the perspective of sales and marketing. The best professional content writing can help and motivate the buyer, client or customer to take an action. It builds trust between you and your clients.

Step 2. Design Process.

We do a short online survey about your competitors and clients. Then we start designing the logo. We provide 12 to 15 different design options to the client. Client can select any 3 option. Client can ask for Modification, Editing or even merging of any selected options. After changes and modification client will received revised 6 to 8 logo design form the selected options.

Step 3. Get your logo over night**.

Once you receive 2nd round logo design options. Just select your final logo. After Approval we will send you your logo original file including all guidelines and pantone codes. We will include black and white option too. We have express charges for over night logo deign.

Step 4. Delivery of logo.

You will get your logo in multi formats such as: PDF, Illustrator, JPG and EPS including basic color and font guideline.

A strong brand stands out in a densely crowded marketplace.

To achieve this; logo design is the most important step before any marketing activity.

Brand Logo Designing: by our creative  team

The design team has to develop distinct visual strategies at the first stage; each one emphasized a different aspect of the positioning brief. The final logo design will be an evolutionary leap from the old logo or from concept. The central idea behind the new logo would reflect the client’s business strategy of selling more than just service or specific product.

The design team will connect the idea a of “Brand” name. This approach may communicate “your BRAND sells everything from A to Z.” The graphic design may also speak about the brand positioning: customer focus and friendly service or product.

Creative Logo Designing

So before you run off to buy that 100 AED “logo design” software, or sign up on that online websites, just ask yourself, “What is a good logo really worth? Doesn’t my brand deserve one?”

If you see value in a professionally designed logo, as well as other brand collateral, contact us for logo. I would love to talk with you further about how a good logo can shore up your brand, help it stand out, evoke trustworthiness and represent your brand for years to come.

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