Experience – That’s the only way you GROW



Successful businesses have encountered and overcome challenges through experiences in the past that gave them the insight to manage the fluctuating risks, strategically plan out their actions and make informed decisions in complex situations.

In a crowd shoulder to shoulder, waving hands up in the air, torch lights on and volume as loud as it could, we all sang along ColdPlay “but if you never try you will never know, just what you’re worth”.

Back then it was just a song, a moment of creating memories to cherish a lifetime. But you know what happened next? In a snap, adulthood happened and gave us a fierce reality check. It is when I realized, ColdPlay doesn’t just sing a song, he gave us a strong message. A message that is crucial to survival, a message vital for growth and a message to explore your true potential.

Experience as a Mitigator of Risk:

Experience plays a central role in mitigating business risks. Professionals with significant experience in a particular industry possess a deep understanding of the potential risks involved. Well did you casually assume they knew it all? No. They failed, failed, and failed till they rose like a phoenix. Nobody is a born champion. They fell in the pit numerous times, faced several setbacks but gained valuable insight. These businesses encountered and overcame similar challenges in the past that gave them the insight to manage the fluctuating risks, strategically plan out their actions and make informed decisions in complex situations.

Adaptability in Dynamic Environments:

The changes in the global market have been supersonic. It is imperative that brands and businesses adapt effectively to these changing business environments. Business today is no more old school. It is evolving to contemporary market strategies and the brand strategist must stay agile to stay competitive. Well, you can’t simply blindfold yourself and reinvent the wheel. The courage, the insight, and the knowledge to take these actions is a result of the experience you gain over the years of struggle. Business strategists try out different routes to attempt success. While some routes have barricades, some may let you hit the jackpot and turn the tables over.

Learning from Failures:

I’m wondering who told you about the new route? Nobody, right? Nobody reveals the secret to success. It is you, who will try out different paths every time one of the chosen paths fails. You will learn. Learn what went wrong and adopt a different strategy. This experience through the journey will help you grow and stand apart. When you have the nerve to attempt a new pitch, you become adaptable, and this adaptability helps businesses manage risks associated with advancements, economic fluctuations, and other external factors.

You need to fail to rise again. You need to fail to know when you went wrong. It is only then when you will either choose to eliminate that route, tweak your path, or try it the other way around altogether.


Business as an Open Sea Swimming:

Business can be easily compared to open water swimming. Although it is immensely rewarding it comes with obvious risks. Before you go for your swim, take a while to observe the water, look at how the ocean is behaving. Likewise, for business, gathering information on potential risks and hazards is a gradual process. You can either do this once you have chosen your targeted spot, or once you are in the spot already.

Just keep yourself reminded, risk is high due to the ever-changing condition, yet the risk needs to be taken. Analyze the trend and fluctuations, take a leap of faith, and do your risk.


We have full faith in you, one day the Branding Company in UAECreative Drop is going to cover your success story and amateur brands are going to learn from your brand strategies.

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