The fine line between ‘getting inspired’ & ‘straight-up stealing ideas’

Let’s face it, new ideas are rare, instead, ideas are frequently reimagined. So, you might be wondering what is the difference and where you draw a line in the sand.

A genuine business strategy will always yield something original, if it’s not, it will surely fade away. Copying a business is a shot in the dark. It is plainly stealing!

However, the concept of being inspired by ideas rather than stealing them is very different. Ideas are a dime a dozen, so if you are inspired by someone’s idea or business strategy, you can reciprocate it by putting your own spin on it but blatantly replicating it is quite unfair.

The Upside of Stealing Ideas: 


Despite being aware of the ethical dilemma of borrowing ideas, businesses usually don’t pay heed to it and do it anyway. Why are they so inclined?

  • Improving Customer relations:

Businesses looking to improve their customer relations tend to copy ideas to remain modern and relevant. Using the latest trends and campaigning with the hottest hashtags are sure ways to expand their customer base and eat away at the competition. 

  • Cheaper Dupes:

In contrast to the businesses aiming to target just the Elite community with their products or services, other businesses create replicas. They trade out original materials for lesser prices also capturing an audience which might have lesser buying power. 

  • Enhanced Exposure:

Renowned businesses tend to copy business ideas from lesser-known competitors. Using their vast fan following, they pitch copied ideas as originals and instantly get applauded for it.

  • Capitalizing on Smaller Businesses:

Instead of reinventing the wheel, larger businesses with capital to spare tend to acquire smaller businesses. Thereby, eliminating competition and gaining copyrights simultaneously. 

How can your Brand be saved?


Let’s assume that someone stole your idea, so will they stop? An expensive lawsuit or calling them out on social media might put out some fire but until then you are on your own.

No one can deny the fact that each business needs to grow and adapt to the rapidly changing modern world needs and demands. The only way forward is to simply focus on your brand experience. Integrate your customer needs into your business, so they feel valued and stay loyal to the Brand.

The Logical Conclusion:


Get inspired! Be different! Focus on building a brand that cannot be stolen, be open to the evolution of the brand and gain the trust of your customers so they can help you to create solutions for them.

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